5 ways to De-Stress


I really can’t believe it’s September, This year has flown by! September tends to be quite a stressful month with everyone heading back to school, work, college etc. It’s the end of the busy holiday season and prepares us for the run up to Christmas. I thought it would be the perfect time to share 5 tips to help de-stress.

  1. Yoga – Whether you have time to head out to a class or only enough time to look up a quick youtube video. Yoga can be a fantastic way to release tension in the body, while also relaxing the mind and letting go of worries.
  2. Adult Colouring – Now some people may look at me like I have two heads when they hear about adult colouring books, but that’s okay! Colouring is such a great way to focus your mind on something different and away from any stress filled thoughts. Give it a go before you judge!
  3. Take a Bath – Is there anything more relaxing then taking a bath with a gorgeous smelling bath bomb. It really helps to relax the muscles in the body and also helps to free your mind. If you’re lucky enough to have a bath then definitely take advantage of it.
  4. Music – Listening to music seems to have a huge effect on our thoughts and emotions. Listening to soothing music or even just your favourite songs allows us to take some time out for ourselves and chill. Put away any other distractions and let your mind float away.
  5. Spa Day – If you’re anything like me and find it impossible to put your phone away, then maybe it’s a good idea to book yourself in for a spa treatment. A spa treatment allows you to switch off from everything for just a little while and can really help to relieve stress.

So there’s 5 things which can help de-stress both our bodies and minds. It’s so important to notice symptoms of stress and to realise when we need to take a little time out for ourselves. Stress can really effect both our physical and mental health and it extremely common, especially in the run up to Christmas. Sometimes it’s okay to put yourself first.

I hope you’re having a lovely day,


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